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Paul sticks to big government criticism in GOP breakfast remarks

August 7, 2010

Rand Paul, the Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, stuck to his criticisms of big government during his remarks at the Graves County GOP breakfast this morning at Graves County High School in Mayfield.

Paul pegged top Democrats as advocates for expanding government’s role and reach in people’s lives.

“Their vision is that government is an answer,” Paul told the crowd of more than 300. “Our vision is that you’re the answer.”

Paul repeatedly criticized government waste, noting that millions were spent from the federal stimulus package to pay for signs promoting stimulus projects, and that federal employee salaries are higher on average than those in the private sector.

“The waste is everywhere,” Paul said. “The waste goes on from top to bottom in government.”

Paul is part of the tea party movement, and has actively campaigned for the movement’s supporters, but made no mention of the tea party during his comments.

The only mention came from U.S. Rep. Eric Cantor, a Virginia Republican and House minority whip, who headlined the event.

Cantor, who also attended a separate event for U.S. Rep. Ed Whitfield from Kentucky’s 1st District this morning,  said this country is witnessing “one of the largest and most stunning grassroots political push-backs in American history.”

President Barack Obama, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid were frequent targets for Paul, Cantor and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, and Paul repeated an earlier quip that Obama is the top recruiter for the Republican Party.

McConnell made mention of his meeting this week with Obama, which he said was the first one-on-one meeting between the two since Obama took office.

“I expect to be hearing more from him next year,” McConnell said to applause, implying gains for Republicans in Congress. “I’d like to turn the president into a born-again centrist.”

Now everyone’s heading over to the grounds of St. Jerome Parish for the official Fancy Farm picnic events. For those at home, you can watch coverage to this afternoon’s political speaking on KET or on C-SPAN.

At the GOP event, I noticed a much larger crowd of reporters, which speaks to the attention that this event and this year’s U.S. Senate race is generating.

Unfortunately, the fact that more people are watching, and recording, could mean a tamer version of Fancy Farm this year. Of course, last year’s big story was the “tough son of a bitch” comment from Democrat Jack Conway, candidate for the U.S. Senate, but something like that’s unlikely to happen this year. Conway attributed the comment to one made by former U.S. Sen. Wendell Ford of Owensboro, who later said Conway had misquoted him, and that his quote was “tough son of a gun.”

As reporter Bill Bartleman with the Paducah Sun noted earlier this week, Paul has said he’ll stick to his scripted comments during his speech at Fancy Farm today. Conway will no doubt be looking to avoid any similar press about his comments this year.

When Conway was through Owensboro earlier this week, I asked him and Ford if Conway would be quoting Ford at this year’s picnic again, and he said no.

So stay tuned. I’ll be posting on Twitter this afternoon, and will try to offer real-time commentary that you can view via Cover It Live by clicking here.


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  1. mcconnellblows. permalink
    August 7, 2010 10:45 am

    in many ways, republicans are just as responsible as democrats for excessive spending. for example, the wars. rand paul doesnt seem to have a problem sending out signs (made of paper) that are in everyones yards.. how much did that cost? and how wasteful is that?….
    as far as mcconnell, i dont believe a word he says, he voted against unemployment benefits while supporting 30 billion for IRAQ. people need to wake up and research these idiots.

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