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Lawmakers proclaim a “bad budget,” and line up to vote for it

May 26, 2010

It seems the consensus coming out of Frankfort after two days of the special legislation is that the budget proposal lawmakers are considering is a bad one, but not bad enough to keep them from voting for it.

Ryan Alessi with cn|2 Politics caught up with House lawmakers yesterday to get their thoughts about the budget proposal, with many saying (not surprisingly) that they preferred the budget the House had passed during the regular session. That budget had included $1.1 billion in bonds for construction projects that House leaders said would produce 25,000 jobs.

From cn|2 Politics

What amazes me about this session so far is that again, lawmakers will be forced to make a decision about whether to vote on a budget after having only seen the actual legislation for 24 to 48 hours, as noted by Rep. Bill Farmer, a Lexington Republican, in the above report.

Tuesday was the first chance for a thorough examination of the legislation, even though the special session was announced more than a week ago, and at that time Gov. Steve Beshear included an overview of what he was proposing. Now nearly six months into this year, and with 62 working days in session behind them, lawmakers will base their decisions about how to spend $17 billion on what they’ve learned in the past 24 hours.

It’s disappointing once again to see more of the same way of doing business, which is to keep rank-and-file members in the dark while legislative leaders keep saying, “Trust us.” Of course, that won’t change until those same rank-and-file demand more from their leaders and direct them to conduct the people’s business rather than play at politics.

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  1. Jason permalink
    May 26, 2010 8:15 am

    Politics as usual. Nothing will change as long as we allow our elected officials to get away with this type of behavior, and that goes for both sides of the aisle.

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