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C-J editorial board: No to shadowy dealings

March 24, 2010

Today, the M-I editorial board argued against the passage Senate Bill 178, which would allow preliminary discussions by a school board for superintendent evaluations  to be held in private. The bill would close off public access to the kind of honest discussions that school board members should be having about whether a superintendent is living up to expectations and areas for improvement.

Check out what we had to say.

The Louisville Courier-Journal also weighed in on the issue, and hit the nail on the head by noting that this issue is not about whether the press has access, but whether the public has the right to know how elected officials are making decisions.

From the editorial

Sometimes elected officials just don’t get it. It’s not an issue of being honest with the press; it’s a matter of being honest with the people who elected them in the first place — and who pay school districts’ bills with their taxes.

Well said. Many often forget that the press has no special access to meetings or documents. That access secured by the federal and state “sunshine laws” applies to your average Joe, regardless of whether he has a press pass.


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