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A look at the GOP’s “go-for-all-the-marbles approach” on health care

March 23, 2010

There’s no absence of analysis so far this week on what Sunday’s vote on the health care bill means for both parties.

A piece by Adam Nagourney in today’s New York Times had an interesting piece of analysis from David Frum with the American Enterprise Institute, which is a conservative research organization.

Frum was commenting on the approach used by Congressional Republicans to try to block the heath care bill, which included a stance of unified opposition. That stance was detailed in part in a recent NYT article about Kentucky’s U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell, which up until Sunday had seen some successes.

But Frum says that with the passage of the health care bill, the GOP might have chosen poorly to try to block the legislation rather than to try to mold it to their liking.

From the article –

“Politically, I get the ‘let’s trip up the other side, make them fail’ strategy,” (Frum) said. “But what’s more important, to win extra seats or to shape the most important piece of social legislation since the 1960s? It was a go-for-all-the-marbles approach. Unless they produced an absolute failure for Mr. Obama, there wasn’t going to be any political benefit.”

There’s sure to be ample conjecture on how this is going to play in November’s elections during the next seven months, so be sure not to overdose on the analysis this early in the game.



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