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ProPublica: Health care bill’s route through Congress was madness

March 22, 2010

ProPublica, a nonprofit investigative journalism outfit, has some simple graphics outlining the not-so-simple process the health care bill traveled on its way to passage by the U.S. House on Sunday.

According to ProPublica, here’s how the bill was supposed to travel through Congress on its way to President Barack Obama‘s desk –

But with the various pitfalls and negotiations, that of course isn’t the nice and simple route it took. Instead, here’s the road map, which shows that there is still more to be done in the coming days on the bill before it becomes final, though Sunday night’s vote was the biggest hurdle.

From ProPublica –

ProPublica also has a graphic for the “deem and pass” strategy that House Democrats considered but dropped amid criticism.

Hopefully that explains a bit better how this bill has made its way through Congress.


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  1. March 22, 2010 12:53 pm

    Nice graphics, simple and instructive.

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