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The invisible homeless of Daviess County

March 19, 2010

On Monday, Messenger-Inquirer reporter Keith Lawrence had a pair of articles looking at the issue of homelessness in Daviess County.

The articles were prompted in part by the plans by Daviess County Judge-Executive Reid Haire to create a regional task force to direct a more coordinated effort at addressing the root causes of homelessness and overcoming the obstacles that keep people and families from finding permanent housing.

We’ll be weighing in on the editorial page Saturday in favor of such an approach. So many organizations, churches and individuals already do much to help the homeless, and better coordinating those efforts will help those in need get in touch with the assistance they require.

But part of that effort is also linked to public awareness. Homelessness in rural Kentucky and Daviess County has a different face than that in New York City, Louisville or Lexington. It’s easy to say it’s not an issue here, when the truth is it just looks different and is better hidden.

To learn more about homelessness in Kentucky, visit the Web site of the Kentucky Interagency Council on Homelessness. The council offers an overview of some of the state-level strategies for dealing with the issue as well as resources such as the annual point-in-time survey of the homeless conducted by the Kentucky Housing Corp.

Becoming more educated about homelessness in your community is a first step toward taking action.


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