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Clarifications about the downtown events center steering committee

March 19, 2010

There have been some questions repeatedly raised about the newly formed steering committee that will oversee the design and construction of the indoor events center downtown.

In particular, some have wondered whether members of the committee, in particular the Daviess County judge-executive and mayor of Owensboro, have more than one vote.

A previous version of the interlocal agreement creating the steering committee had provided for a five-member committee, with the judge and mayor each having two votes, but that make-up was changed after a number of folks and the Messenger-Inquirer raised questions about whether that was an appropriate structure.

The changes included the addition of one county commissioner and one city commissioner to the committee, with each member having only one vote.

A number of people commenting on the Messenger-Inquirer Web site have also questioned whether the elected officials serving on the committee will serve beyond the expiration of their terms in local government.

In particular, two members – Judge-Executive Reid Haire and County Commissioner Mike Riney – are not running for re-election this year, and will leave office at the start of 2011. Both will also leave the steering committee once their terms in office end. That provision was reiterated during the passage of the interlocal agreement by the city and county earlier this week, and is included in the agreement.

The City Commission Agenda Packet from the March 16 meeting of the Owensboro City Commission during which the agreement was approved contains a copy of the full agreement. The agreement is located on pages 24-28 of the document, with the language regarding its membership and how many votes each member has on page 25.

Hopefully that will clear up some of the questions.



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