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CNN focuses in on Frankfort, finds cranky Carroll

February 4, 2010

A recent report by CNN brought one Kentuckian’s drive to let Independent voters participate in party primary elections into the spotlight.

Sen. Julian Carroll, a Frankfort Democrat (LRC photo)

The report followed one man’s lobbying attempts to the halls of the Capitol and Capitol Annex, and found at least one lawmaker irritated by the proposal – former Gov. Julian Carroll, who now represents Franklin County in the Kentucky Senate.

Take a look at the report (Thanks to Page One Kentucky for posting it) and weigh in – do you think that Independent voters should be able to vote in party primaries?

Under Senate Bill 53 approved this week, they would be able to in the future. And one minor detail – the reporter, David Mattingly, claims that the vote was split along party lines, but that wasn’t actually the case. Several Democrats, including Sen. David Bowell of Sorgho, voted for the Republican-supported measure, as did the chamber’s only Independent, Bob Leeper of Paducah.


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