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Apparently everyone is to the left of Alan Keyes

February 1, 2010

Former Reagan administration official and presidential candidate Alan Keyes apparently put all other conservatives to shame during a speech in Lexington Sunday.

Alan Keyes speaking at the 2007 Right to Life banquet in Owensboro. (M-I photo)

Andy Mead with the Lexington Herald-Leader reports that Keyes picked apart many candidates and commentators that consider themselves conservative during a 45-minute talk – er, shout – at the Ronald Reagan Rally for Conservatives at Lexington Christian Academy.

From Mead’s article

Keyes is a conservative’s conservative. He used to work in the Reagan administration. He has a string of unsuccessful runs for the White House and the Senate (the latest Senate run was in 2004, against Barack Obama).

Most of his 45-minute talk was delivered in a shout as he paced the stage, speaking without notes.

Along the way, he found enough liberal tendencies to disqualify every one of the group of people who aspired to be the Republican Party’s nominee in the 2008 presidential race.

He criticized conservative television commentators Glenn Beck (because Beck made fun of “birthers,” the people who, like Keyes, won’t accept that Obama is really president until they see his birth certificate). He criticized Sean Hannity (who, after all, has supported California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger).

He considered Trey Grayson and Rand Paul, two of the three candidates vying for the Republican nomination to replace Sen. Jim Bunning, and found them wanting.

I guess Keyes approves of Bill Johnson, a third Republican candidate running for the seat held by Bunning and who introduced Keyes on Sunday night.

I hadn’t considered Keyes to be the ultra-conservative in the past, but apparently I was mistaken. The conservative brand seems to be gaining some strength, and Keyes apparently wants to out-conservative even the most conservative conservatives.

If  you consider yourself a conservative, you might want to rethink that until you’ve passed the Keyes test, which apparently few do.

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