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Different perspectives on devastation in Haiti

January 25, 2010

I’ve been impressive with the way the New York Times has covered the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti.

An earlier interactive feature allowed readers to compare satellite photos of Port-au-Prince before and after the 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit on Jan. 12. What struck me apart from the destruction to buildings was how open public spaces were now filled with people and makeshift tents.

The New York Times has now brought you a street-level view of the destruction with a new feature that catalogs photos from along Avenue Poupelard.

From the intro –

Almost half of the structures along the road have collapsed, and survivors here are desperately struggling to cope. A visual survey of 53 buildings along that section of the avenue found 23 that collapsed and 11 more with severe damage (at least one collapsed wall).

The virtual walk down the street shows a carpenter-turned-coffin-maker, one of the few structures left standing, and the story of the family that lives there, and how a clinic to treat AIDS patients is carrying on.

Be sure to check this out and the accompanying article.


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