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More criticism of Beshear

January 11, 2010

The Herald-Leader’s Larry Dale Keeling had his own criticisms of Gov. Steve Beshear in his weekly column.

In it, Keeling raises the possibility that Beshear will end up a one-termer like his predecessor, former Gov. Ernie Fletcher, and said so far the governor has gambled and lost.

From Keeling’s column

Beshear needs a win. Midway through his first (and perhaps only) term, his administration’s achievements, commendable as some of them may be, fall considerably short of “legacy” status.

Partly, that is the result of having to deal with a series of revenue shortfalls that not only demanded much of his attention during the past two years, but also left no spare budget change for sexy new initiatives.

But a significant share of the blame rests with Beshear himself. He squandered much, if not all, of his post-election political capital in a disastrously unsuccessful attempt to keep Lt. Gov. Daniel Mongiardo‘s former Senate seat in the D column. He has never fully recovered from that debacle and has yet to demonstrate the political and persuasive skills a governor must bring into play if he wants to bend the legislative process to his will.


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