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Governors prepping for annual speeches

December 28, 2009

For those politics and policy junkies, has a rundown of the upcoming State of the State speeches, or in the case of Kentucky, the State of the Commonwealth address.

The governors of most states begin each year with a speech to legislators and the public about the accomplishments of the previous year, and what lies ahead in the year that’s just begun.

Gov. Steve Beshear is set to deliver his speech, which will take place in the state House chambers, on Jan. 6.

As Stateline notes, 36 governors will head into their speeches looking to close budget gaps in the current year while looking at shortfalls for the next fiscal year. Beshear and Kentucky are included in that list.

So head to to take a look at some of the issues other states are dealing with, and when those governors will lay out their plans.


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