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Gerth: Steve Henry playing the blame game again

December 28, 2009

Courier-Journal political reporter Joe Gerth has a goo d column this morning recounting the times in the past that former Lt. Gov. Steve Henry has tried to shift the blame away from himself.

The most recent came when Henry entered an Alford plea in Franklin Circuit Court in response to election finance charges against him from his 2007 gubernatorial run. Under an Alford plea, Henry doesn’t admit guilt, but acknowledges there was enough evidence against him to secure a conviction.

But then Henry left the courtroom after receiving a $500 fine and a one-year suspended jail sentence and denied there was enough evidence, dismissing the action as a political witch hunt.

Take a look at Gerth’s column from today to see the pattern of incidents, both politically and professionally, that have had Henry pointing the finger elsewhere.


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