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From slots to craps in Pennsylvania

December 16, 2009

After approving slot machines more than five years ago, Pennsylvania is preparing for another expansion of gambling.

The state House has passed a measure that will allow slot parlors to become full-blown casinos with table games, and is expected to bring in another $250 million to state coffers next year, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports today.

From the article –

The sweeping bill (S.B. 711), hundreds of pages long, sets rates for taxing and licensing, and toughens the existing gambling law governing political donations by casino owners. In a move highly criticized for its appearance of political favoritism, the bill also sets aside a percentage of local gambling revenue for certain hospitals, community colleges, and libraries.

The bill also includes a controversial measure to allow casinos to extend credit lines to gamblers and gives the Gaming Control Board the authority to extend casino opening deadlines for licensees.

It’s not much of a stretch to see Kentucky following Pennsylvania’s lead if lawmakers approve slots at tracks here.

Kentucky’s tracks say they need slots to remain competitive with tracks in other states that have expanded gambling. If slots here are approved, the lobbying efforts to allow table games at Kentucky tracks – in the name of competition – wouldn’t be far behind.


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