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Robocalls (already) in state Senate race

October 23, 2009

Much of the recent attention has been on Democratic efforts to regain control of the Kentucky Senate, and Democrats have already picked up one seat during a special election this summer.

State Sen. Mike Reynolds, D-Bowling Green

State Sen. Mike Reynolds, D-Bowling Green

But the constituents of a Democratic state senator are already receiving robocalls that target his re-election efforts even though the 2010 general election is more than a year away, according to the Bowling Green Daily News.

Reporter Robyn Minor has the story about the calls which are directed at Bowling Green Democrat Mike Reynolds, who was elected in February to fill the seat vacated by Republican Brett Guthrie after he was elected to Congress.

From the article –

The two Republicans who will battle each other in the primary say they have had nothing to do with the calls and in fact tried to get to the source.

“We denounce this tactic, and we are concentrating on the May Republican primary,” candidate Ed Mills said. “The natural thing is for people to accuse either Mike Wilson or me of financing these calls, but we would like to make it clear that we have not.”

Wilson said somebody called him Wednesday about the phone calls and supporters a few days ago asked him if he had anything to do with them.

“The person yesterday had a little bit more information on the calls,” he said. “The person said the caller did not identify themselves and then later another person said they tried to star 69 the call and the caller wasn’t identified.”

Wilson said the calls purportedly questioned Reynolds’ lack of effort on one of his committees and called him names.

“I called the state Republican Party office and they said they had no knowledge of it,” Wilson said. “I just want people to know that we don’t endorse these kinds of tactics, nor will we be using them.

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