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Guthrie recognizes KWC on House floor

October 21, 2009

U.S. Rep. Brett Guthrie, a Bowling Green Republican representing Kentucky’s 2nd District, recognized Owensboro’s Kentucky Wesleyan College on the floor of the House today.Kentucky Wesleyan Bookstore

The remarks were made supporting a resolution honoring the college’s 150 years.

Here’s the text of Guthrie’s comments or you can watch a video clip of the speech –

“I rise today to recognize Kentucky Wesleyan College, which, for over 150 years, has been dedicated to giving its students the tools they need to be successful in all areas of life.

“A small liberal arts college, Kentucky Wesleyan offers a distinct collegiate experience that allows their undergraduates to grow academically, professionally and spiritually.

“The college started from its modest beginnings in Millersburg, Kentucky in 1858 with one building and with the first graduating class consisting of only one man.

“Today, Kentucky Wesleyan has broken out and made incredible gains, with over 8,500 men and women having earned degrees, each continuing to uphold the traditions and values that were created so long ago.

“Over recent years, the college has renovated and expanded by updating the campus with new and refurbished buildings, adding new faculty and academic programs, and steadily increasing enrollment.

“Students at Kentucky Wesleyan are committed to making a difference and encouraged to be an example for others.

“The president of the college, Dr. Cheryl D. King, who is also an alumna, has made it a point to develop personal relationships with the students. She is dedicated to making their collegiate experience a valuable and memorable one.

“Dr. King expresses the goals and values of the college perfectly in a letter to prospective students. In it she writes:

“‘Our students are encouraged to serve in anticipation of a lifetime of service to others. Last year, one third of our students took part in community service opportunities. From overseas mission trips to numerous local projects, Kentucky Wesleyan students meet the needs of others and positively impact the world around them.’

“Kentucky Wesleyan has truly lived out its mission statement to foster a liberal arts education that nourishes, stimulates and prepares future leaders intellectually, spiritually and physically to achieve success in life.

“Under the leadership of Dr. King, I know the college will continue to grow and flourish. I look forward to watching the strides they make and seeing the accomplishments of its students and alumni.

“I am proud to represent Kentucky Wesleyan in Washington, I am proud to represent the community in which it exists, Owensboro and Daviess County, and I wish them nothing but the best.”

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