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Commerce Lexington in Madison, Wis., looking for inspiration

May 20, 2009

A group organized by Commerce Lexington is in Madison, Wis., this week to see what sort of ideas that city has put into practice and how they might fit in Lexington.

It’s a trip similar to the one the Greater Owensboro Chamber of Commerce recently headed up to Greenville, S.C., and a second time Lexington leaders have gone to Madison to look for inspiration.

The Herald-Leader’s Tom Eblen is along for the trip, and has been posting updates on his blog from the various presentations and field trips the group of 260 has participated in so far this week.

Eblen has written about steps the city has taken to develop its downtown, become more environmentally friendly and develop a strong bicycling trail network.

The group also heard a presentation about the idea that professionals today seek out places to live first, and then find a job rather than letting job opportunities drive where they locate.

That’s the same premise that many pushing for downtown development in Owensboro have repeated – build a place to attract the people and jobs first.

Check out what Eblen has to say about the trip – there are a lot of similarities between what they are seeing in Madison and what folks are pushing for here.

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